Online Conference / Collaboration

MaX Meeting

Business Meetings now include remote employees, partners & customers. Virtual Conferencing & Collaboration tools are MUST HAVES to boost productivity and also remain in touch and competitive in our ‘always-on’ world.

MaX Meeting Makes it Easy!

Cloud Service | No Upfront Costs | Bring your Own Device | Scalable as You Grow


MaX UC Supports:

  • HD Voice and Video Conferencing
  • Chatting & Call Recording
  • On-Click Scheduling in Outlook
  • Co-Hosts can Share Meeting Controls
  • Desktop Screen, App, & Doc Sharing
  • Full Screen Video Sharing
  • Desktop Remote Control
  • Plans that support 4 to 500 participants

Collaboration on the Go

MaX Meeting Fully Integrates with the Max UC Desktop & Mobile Client, giving you unparalleled access to the power of MaX UC anytime, anywhere!


  • Meeting Passwords prevent unauthorized entry by web or phone
  • Waiting Rooms require hosts to admit attendees to the meeting
  • Encryption ensures meeting content is encrypted using AES-256
  • Join Before Host can be disabled to control meeting entry.

Budget Friendly

  • No upfront costs for hardware and software
  • Scales with your company as it grows
  • Unlimited voice & video conferencing
  • Bring your own devices (desktops, tablets and smartphones

FREE Phones with Contract on Hosted Phone System

The benefits of going with a Hosted Phone System have an enormous list of pluses.  Contact us for a FREE Quote & Demo.